Clinical Care Guidelines


Asthma Guideline
Patient Education Materials:
     - Recommended Materials (Inhaler demos, other information)
     - Asthma Action Plans, Ages 0-4, 5-11, 12 and Older  
       (Translations: Arabic, Chinese, French, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish)
     - What You Need to Know About Asthma
     - What is Asthma Flipbook
     - “Controlling Your Asthma” Order Form for Providers
     - Instructions for various MDI delivery devices
     - View a video about Asthma
     - Resources for People with Asthma
     - Asthma Education: Foreign Language Resources
     - My I-Smart
Cover Memo/Key Points:
     - What's New -- Cover Memo
CME Self-Study Activity
MQIC Guideline:
     - One-Page MQIC General Principles of Asthma
Other Tools for Clinicians:
  a. Asthma Guideline tools:
     - GIST Questions About Your Breathing Tool
     - GIST Diagnosis Tool
     - GIST Asthma Patient Follow-up Tool
     - GIST Stepwise Approach to Managing Asthma
     - Classification Requirements for Persistent Asthma
     - EPR-3 Pocket Guide
  b. Medication Guides:
     - Asthma Medication Card 
     - Asthma Medication Poster (Minnesota Department of Health)
     - InCheck Dial cleaning procedures
     - Inhaler Instruction Quick Link
  c. Tools:
     - Asthma and COPD Education Kit Resource List
     - Creating an Asthma Action Plan: Tip Sheet
     - Persistent Asthma: Requirements for Classification
     - Predicted Average Peak Expiratory Flow
     - 200 Dose Counting Sheet
     - Aerospan Dose Counting Sheet
  d. Inpatient Care Asthma Resources:
     - Inpatient management of pediatric asthma education

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